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Great News: Drinking Beer Makes You Smarter!

Great News: Drinking #Beer Makes You Smarter!


Beer makes you smarter? Obama will drink to that!

In news, that any lover of God’s greatest gift to mankind could have told you, drinking beer can make you smarter.

Or at least according to Researchers at Oregon State University, the hops found in beer can make you smarter. The secret? Flavanoids.

Flavonoids are a class of compounds present in plants, known to have numerous health benefits.…

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‘I’ll see you all in hell!’: Say’s Man With 666 Tattoo & Implanted Horns


I have tattoos, I plan on collecting more tattoos in the future, so it would be somewhat hypocritical of me to denigrate anyone who practices body modification.

That being said whenever you hear about someone with the numbers 666 inked into their forehead and implanted demon-like horns alongside them, it usually is…


Metallica - “One” (Guzheng Cover)

Metallica - “One” (Guzheng Cover) #metal

Here is yet another video of a talented young girl doing a rock song on a stringed instrument that you would not normally connect with rock & roll, or in this case heavy metal.

This time it’s Michelle Kwan of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (not the figure skater from California) and the instrument is the guzheng. An instrument from China that features many strings and moveable bridges.


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Man Breaks Into Vermont Police Station

Man Breaks Into Vermont Police Station


John Dettor, 59, of Washington, D.C., arrested for unlawful mischief after breaking into a Vermont Police Station.

When attempting to commit a crime, usually one tries to get away from the police, but that’s not what one idiot did last Thursday night in Shelburne, VT.

According to Police, John Dettor, 59, of Washington, D.C., was trying to find a nice warm spot to lay down for the night and…

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The Girl With Three Breasts

The Girl With Three Breasts


In a bid to become a reality TV star, Jasmine Tridevil, 21, claims to have spent $20,000 to add a third breast.

I had probably just about turned 13 around the time that the original Arnold Schwarzenegger version of the movie Total Recall was released to HBO, or whatever premium cable channel got it. I remember getting a pretty good chuckle out of the scene with the Martian girl with the third…

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Florida Man Sentenced After Raping Puppy

Florida Man Sentenced After Raping Puppy


James Guy Bull, sick twisted scumbag.

There is sick and disgusting, and then there is 61-year-old James Guy Bull of Daytona Beach, FL.

Last March two horrified neighbors called police to report that they had observed Bull, raping an 8-month-old female puppy on his front porch.

One witness told police, that he saw Bull sitting on the porch with his pants pulled down to his ankles and the puppy on…

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Bat-wielding Woman Wearing Nothing But Underwear Gets Into School Unnoticed

Bat-wielding Woman Wearing Nothing But Underwear Gets Into School Unnoticed


Police arrested Chesie Lawton after she allegedly broke into a Tennessee school, clad in just underwear, and ran through the lunch room screaming.

She’s not old, or nasty-looking, I’m sort of shocked. Though at 23, she still has time to get there.


Memphis police say a scantily-clad woman entered the school cafeteria through an unlocked door, wielding a baseball bat.

“First of all, how…

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91 Lashes —- For Being ‘Happy’

91 Lashes — For Being ‘Happy’

I am not a big fan of pop music, but as far songs go I have heard far worse then the Pharrell Williams hit “Happy.” Its actually a pretty catchy tune, even if it is mildly annoying. Earlier this past year six young Iranians, using an Iphone 5S, decided to film and upload their own video for the song (as seen above) to social media.

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Woman Holds Off Mugger, Then Gives Birth

Woman Holds Off Mugger, Then Gives Birth


Police arrested 30-year-old Mark Newton. He was arraigned on one count of unarmed robbery and ordered held on $8,000 bond.

Last Thursday a pregnant Michigan woman was loading groceries into her car when some scumbag decided to sneak up and grab her purse. With the pregnancy hormones raging inside her, she decided that she was in no mood to be a victim that day. So she chased after him.

Via The…

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YouTube Mash Up: “Give It Up”

YouTube Mash Up: “Give It Up”

There are an untold number of musicians as well as want-to-be musicians who post videos daily of their a capella singing, playing a few notes on the piano, tuning their guitar, or what have you. The vast majority of these videos are pretty damn lame. One YouTube user decided to do something with somne of those videos.

Kutiman, took 23 random YouTube videos of different people from all walks of…

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